Your campus loves the new brand language, your alumni love the new website, your viewbooks are the hottest thing at the college fair, your Twitter feeds are hopping 24/7. That’s great — almost as good as the growth in applications, donations, and general goodwill these successes are meant to inspire. But what makes these successes possible — and what you’ll remember most — is the process that got you here.

Depending on the project, that process will likely involve between six and 18 months with mStoner. We know from experience that this time will be most productive and trouble-free when you have a clear sense of who is responsible for doing what and when. No matter how much our clients like what we do, they trust us more when they know what’s going on. Trust makes the work better.

Though we adapt our process to your specific project, we usually follow these steps:

  • windy


    We work with you to establish a scope of work, put project teams in place, plan for how we’ll communicate, and build preliminary schedules.

  • plane


    Our team discovers more about your institution by reviewing background materials and visiting campus for in-depth meetings with students, faculty, and project stakeholders.

  • clipboard


    We conduct audience research and gather as much information as we need to get a solid understanding of whom you’re targeting in order to inform our path forward.

  • compass


    We share what we learned during discovery and research, and present our plan for addressing core challenges.

  • swatches

    Creative Development

    We create and test verbal and visual concepts for your website, viewbook, social media campaign, or other project.

  • cone


    Time to roll up our sleeves and actually make the magic happen.

  • rocket


    Your website goes live, your viewbooks get mailed, your brand style guide is shared with the campus community, and your president bursts into your office crying with joy. (It’s really something to see.)

Using variations on this process, we can maximize the time spent exploring your goals, targeting a solution, and achieving the results you want. It’s a framework we’ve refined over more than a decade, and it allows us the flexibility to meet the needs of many different clients, with many different objectives.

"mStoner's creative team presented three very different ways to approach the design of our new site. We didn't feel like we received variations on one idea, but three truly different designs that we were able to test with our key stakeholders and potential audiences."

Kelly Chezum, Vice President for External Relations