Screen shot of the Buzzr beta site homepage design.Our goal is simple: Provide institutions that don’t need a fully customized content management system (CMS) with a quality alternative that requires no technical resource capability on campus.

We’re just about there.

We announced last fall a partnership with Buzzr to build a Higher Education edition of its product, which simplifies Drupal for non-technical users by overlaying a more intuitive interface.

In partnership with Buzzr, we’ve made great strides in the past three months and our initial product development phase is coming to a close. Specifically, we have:

  • developed a design for a fictitious college and built it into the platform;
  • built a homepage slideshow module;
  • implemented a campus event calendar module;
  • extended Buzzr to include a fully functional taxonomy/tagging system;
  • built a special interest feature system with randomized display in sidebar blocks (to be used for alumni, faculty and student profiles; highlighting major initiatives; or demonstrating the brand promise); and,
  • built a banner image system with a randomized display at the top of subpages, allowing for multiple feature photos within each section of the site.

The interest in this new higher education-specific platform has been great. Our first official Buzzr project kicked off earlier this year with plans to launch a new site in the summer and we’re regularly sending proposals out to future clients.

Our plan is to ramp up marketing efforts once the initial product development phase is complete, including demonstrating the platform to any interested institution. At the same time, we’ll be building in the remaining features that will make the platform market-ready, including:

  • a responsive design solution;
  • an internal site search tool, and,
  • a feed importer module to display RSS-based content such as news and events.

Exciting times! If you are interested in learning more about how we are tailoring Buzzr for higher education, please contact Mallory Wood.


Bill McLaughlin

AUTHOR - Bill McLaughlin

I've spent my career in project-based organizations large and small. I enjoy projects because I like variety, creative thinking and problem solving. At the core I'm a consultant, trying to find the best way forward for each unique client or situation. I don't always implement content management systems, but when I do, I prefer Drupal.

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