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Colleges and universities are notorious for April Fools’ homepage takeovers – pranks, hoaxes, stunts, jests, jokes, and shenanigans displayed right there on the front door of the website. Why not? Humor makes education relatable! Here’s a recap of some of yesterday’s best Fools’ gold.

Wow, much funny, so laugh, very comedy … Missouri University of Science and Technology was paid a visit by doge.

Missouri University of Science and Technology April Fools' homepage takeover

University of Rochester had a lego campus for the day. They also produced this video.

University of Rochester April Fools' homepage takeover

College of William & Mary discovered Elvis alive, well, and living in Williamsburg.

College of William & Mary April Fools' homepage takeover

Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) was invaded by … emus.

Eastern Mennonite University April Fools' homepage takeover

Looks like someone drew all over the Oberlin site.

Oberlin April Fools' homepage takeover

Not to be outdone in the amenities race, University of Idaho started offering free kittens to first-year students.

University of Idaho

Thanks to Eric Olsen, Patrick Powers, Susan Evans, Ma’ayan Plaut, and Lesa McPeak for passing these examples to me. There were a few others, but I didn’t screen capture them before they rolled back to being regular ol’ homepages! If you have any screenshots of .edu horseplay from April Fools’ Day 2014, hit me up and I’ll add them to this post.

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