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Session Description

Your brand is a promise you are making to all of your audiences about what you will be. Your website structure and content will either fulfill these promises or break them.

Let’s move beyond the success or failure of a single visit or experience. Think more broadly about how many user experiences, accumulated over time, coalesce into a firm impression of you in the minds of your audience. Ideally, every one of those experiences should be wonderful. How do we accomplish this? With a brand-aware, user-first approach to your web structure and content.

In this webinar, mStoner strategist Fran Zablocki will discuss the connections between web structure, web content, and institutional brand messaging — and provide examples from higher education that do great jobs of integrating these important components.

Who Should View

Understanding the relationship between structure, content, and brand is critical for anyone who works to help institutions communicate core messages to prospective students, including:

  • Marketing and communications professionals
  • Writers and editors
  • User experience and visual designers
  • Web programmers
  • Advancement and enrollment communications professionals

What You Will Learn

You will gain a thorough understanding of information architecture (IA) and content strategy in the context of brand messaging in higher education.

We will cover a range of topics, including user journeys and browsing behaviors, navigation labeling, prioritization of site structure to cater to prospective or current students, content models and prototypes, and content tone and style.

You’ll learn to:

  • Design and implement a site structure that reflects and optimizes the many paths your prospective students take to the information and transactions that are most important to them.
  • Tailor content and navigation for multi-device, multi-session browsing to provide an intuitive experience at every prospect touchpoint.
  • Assess and test your content and navigation, so that decisions are grounded in data and not just based on hunches or assumptions.
  • Use best practices for navigation, messaging platforms, and content production and process, as designed by mStoner.
  • Make a strong argument for the resources and collaboration needed to integrate IA and content as part of your larger branding work.

Nitty Gritty Details

(Updated November 29.)

Meet the Presenter

Fran Zablocki has worked with IA and content strategy in some capacity for his entire throughout his career. He helped revamp the IA for Nazareth College’s entire website in 2008, and reimagined the IA for SUNY Geneseo’s alumni website and online community in 2011. In his role at mStoner, he works on IA, content strategy, and user experience with schools nationwide, including the State University of New York, University of Rochester, Tufts University, Johns Hopkins University, and St. John Fisher College. Fran holds a bachelor’s degree in business with a specialization in technical writing and information design, as well as an MBA with a focus on marketing and information systems.

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