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The project coordinator is a person who brings order to the chaos of working on multiple projects.  When coordinating multiple projects at a time, you need to be extremely organized.  Being able to manage your time wisely will help keep you organized and stay on top of project timelines.

As a project coordinator, you want to be able to designate time to all of the current and future projects.  If you are not managing your time correctly, you may miss deadlines or miss out on opportunities.  The better you manage your time, the smoother the project timeline will flow and the less stressed your work environment will be.

I found a great article recently, 10 Tips to Keep Your Calendar Simple and Efficient, that will help with your time management. Which tip is your favorite?

Lizzy Cyliax

AUTHOR - Lizzy Cyliax

At mStoner, I get to work with great clients and do a little bit of everything. I enjoy making sure that our clients’ projects run smoothly and stay on track. A St. Louis native, I graduated three years ago from the University of Missouri at Columbia with a degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing.

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