The CASE SMC conference is regarded as one of the best social-focused conferences for higher education. If you weren’t able to make it to Miami (or Brighton!) this year, don’t fret! Higher Ed Live is streaming three presentations this week to help you develop your social media strategy. Can you think of a better way to get a little professional development from your office? Neither can we.

You can view all of these sessions right from the Higher Ed Live homepage at the designated time or from the episode landing page, linked below.

Higher Ed Live Streaming Schedule

Insights from Behavioral and Social Alumni Data

Wednesday, April 29: 2:30-3:30 pm EDT

Presenter: Adam Miller

Ten years ago, Stanford built and began using the Relationship Model, a behavioral segmentation of all alumni. We’ll share insights and discoveries from this effort you can put to use to better understand your own constituents and reach your own goals. Not only have we found new segments of alumni that don’t engage with the university in traditional ways, we’ve started to better understand them through social. Bring home a new lens to look at your own prospect discovery, targeting, marketing, program development efforts, and perhaps even see how social might move (or already is moving) the needle in ways you never imagined.

Everyone Likes to Laugh: Using Humor and Games in Your Content Strategy

Thursday, April 30: 1:30-2:30 pm EDT

Presenters: Keith Hannon and Adam Miller

Higher education is a centuries-old industry that is full of pride, tradition, and honor. For some, it’s easy to let the sanctity of your brand get in the way of producing engaging content for your alumni. In this session, we’ll loosen our ties and discuss how the injection of humor into your content strategy is often the best way to bring your graduates back into the fold.

How to Sift Through the Noise to Get the Information You Need

Friday, May 1: 9:45-10:45 am EDT

Presenter: Jen Doak-Mathewson

The Baby Boomers are self-righteous and optimistic. Gen X are misunderstood latchkey kids. Millennials want participation trophies, don’t like marketing, and are narcissistic to a fault-the “Me Generation,” if you will-but also want to give back. Also, Facebook is dying and you should really be on Yik Yak now. You’ve probably heard all of that – but let’s have some real talk on what ties all generations together, what groups of people aren’t typically considered in trend pieces, and how to read between the lines of the “X is dead” article. Discuss how to find worthwhile knowledge in the torrent of information about generations and tools at your disposal, and figure out apt strategies to connect with the groups of humans you’re trying to reach.

Join the conversation and the conference backchannel on Twitter by following #casesmc.

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