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Recently we’ve focused on writing content for those higher education professionals working in small teams. We recognize that your institution’s demand for new web work is insatiable — across the campus, people constantly ask for new sites, additional pages, more content, assistance with social media, design changes and adaptations, refinements to information architecture and analytics and accompanying recommendations for enhancement. The list goes on and on.

Higher Ed Solo

You can imagine my joy when Tonya Oaks Smith asked me to participate in a video interview on this very topic. “What sort of resources exist when you’re solo?” she asked. And even though technology didn’t love us, Tonya wrote a fantastic post about our conversation.

Check out these additional resources:

  • On Small Teams and Facebook, a blog post written by senior strategist Susan T. Evans. Her mantra “only do what you can do well” applies to all types of project work, not just social media.
  • Small Project? Small Team? Big Success!, a recent webinar from strategist Fran Zablocki. Fran shared tools, processes, and platforms to help your small team increase effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Our March e-newsletter focused on sharing many of these resources to help small teams strategize. If you’d like first access to future e-newsletter content, sign up for Intelligence.


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