We focus on education institutions.

mStoner works exclusively with education institutions, from small liberal arts colleges and major research universities to community colleges and independent schools. We’ve been serving that client base for more than 10 years, and since many of our staff come from education institutions or other firms that serve them, our experience goes back even further than that.

Because focus matters.

Our exclusive focus on education has given us insight into the economics and politics of education institutions. We know how to engage alumni and prospective students, but we also know how to talk to presidents, deans, and board members. We know how to get buy-in and build consensus. And we can help you do good, sustainable work with limited resources. Just as important, we know what makes your institution different from others like it. Too often we’ve seen schools hire commercial branding or communications firms that want to dabble in higher ed but don’t really know it. And too often those firms produce branding and communications plans that market “liberal arts colleges” or “boarding schools” rather than the particular institution they’re meant to serve. We won’t make that mistake. In fact, part of the fun for us is figuring out what makes your institution unique and making that uniqueness the foundation of your website, viewbook, or social media plan.

Contact our director of marketing, Mallory Wood, to learn how mStoner can serve your education institution.