Web Strategy

The design and functionality of each mStoner site uniquely reflects the needs of our clients and their audiences. At the core of every relaunch we tackle, though, is a thoroughly strategic approach and collaborative process.

Content Strategy

We call our approach “content realism” – it meets you where you are, with the staff and the content you have, and helps you develop a realistic, actionable content strategy that results in high-quality material. All while maintaining everybody’s sanity.

Research and Brand Strategy

We’ll help you articulate what you want to stand for in the minds of the people you’re trying to reach, influence, and move to action.

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Our team can help you develop a marketing strategy and plan to make sure you’re communicating your brand to the right people at the right time in the right way.

SEO and Analytics
Social Media

At mStoner, our approach to social media is the same as our approach to any good communication: Let your message and your audience define how you use the medium.

Governance, Training, and Staffing

All your hard work doesn’t end at launch; marketing and communications takes time, money, and, sometimes, political capital. We help our clients turn the corner from project mode to ongoing results.

User Experience (UX)

By connecting UX with our clients’ unique page goals, we design digital experiences that are beautiful, usable, and get results.

Web Design (IxD)

Our interactive designers go beyond color and space to solve usability problems, build engagement, and encourage conversions.

Usability and Concept Testing

Testing allows us to validate assumptions and confirm decisions with real people in the target audience. When our designers design, they’re armed with relevant data.

HTML Development

We craft tailor-made templates that do more than look good in stylized comps — they provide a rock-solid platform as clients migrate real content into web pages.

Video Direction and Production

You don’t need to be Spielberg – but good video is as important as the words and pictures on your site. We’ll collaborate with you on productions that work.

Viewbooks, Search Pieces, and Other Print Work

Ask us when the web will replace print and we’ll ask you when texting will replace a call to a friend. Print isn’t going away, but it has changed — it is more special and more experiential.

Content Management Systems

Feeding the content beast is easier with an enterprise CMS. We help clients navigate the path to a well-deployed CMS that is a best-fit for their skills, needs, budget, and technical environment.

Buzzr CMS

Buzzr Higher Ed is a new option for smaller institutions that want a solid web strategy and a well-organized website with a beautiful, responsive design, but do not need a fully customized CMS implementation. 

Quality Assurance

We deliver. Our rigorous QA process means mStoner will get your job done right the first time.

Business Partners

We have a lot of friends in the industry. mStoner connects clients with the solutions they need through a variety of business relationships and partnerships.