While mStoner makes print publications, websites, mobile sites, video, and the strategies that (should) drive all of these products, our business is to motivate, to communicate, to inspire. It’s taking that “I-knew-the-moment-I-walked-onto-campus” feeling and making it real in digital, print, and social media.

Because whether it’s a prospective student getting his or her first look at the experience of a lifetime or a cherished alumna returning to one, your audiences should know the moment they walk onto campus that your place is the place for them.

And your website is part of your campus.

Your viewbook is part of your campus.

Your advertising and social media efforts are part of your campus—part of the experience that makes you distinctive among all the other colleges, universities, or independent schools out there.

So that’s our job. To make connections. To build relationships. The sites, publications, and videos are just the tools of our trade.

Contact director of marketing, Mallory Wood, to find out how your recruiting, fundraising, and branding efforts can be enhanced by mStoner’s services.