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In Another Life I…

• worked for Lipman Hearne.
• developed and managed the website for Opportunity International.
• served as a development officer for a $25 million capital campaign at Trinity International University.

Heartbreakingly handsome, unbearably kind, and wise beyond my years. Ish.

It’s my job to make sure that everything goes well. As one of the founders of the firm (along with Rob and Michael), I tend to insert myself into all aspects of individual projects, overall planning, and company-wide management. Not enough to make our team neurotic, but just enough to ensure they encourage me to use up my vacation days. (OK, maybe just enough to make them mildly neurotic.)

On a typical engagement, I collaborate with our project teams to develop strategy. I also spend a good deal of time working personally with clients to implement the solutions that we recommend and to dream up with them the big, new wonderful.

When I’m not planning or executing with relentless speed and vigor, I’m traveling or reading or cooking or working out at the gym or cuddling with my two Standard poodles, Annyong and Maebe. Seriously.

I hold a BS in communication from Northwestern University and an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Business. I also spent a few years in the bioethics program at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School before trading in my theology books for guitar lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music.

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