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EDUniverse: Discover, Learn, Engage.


EDUniverse: Discover, Learn, Engage.

Nov 09, 2011By mStoner Staff

Are you a web developer, designer, social media strategist, PR person, marketer, or alumni relations or admission professional working in higher education? If you answered yes then you know that theres a lot of valuable content that can provide insights, examples, and inspiration for your own initiatives. What has always impressed me most about the higher education industry is the passion of the people working in it and their willingness to share insider secrets to those working at other institutions.

While there is no shortage of interesting content, the problem is finding it. Id bet that you use Google Reader to keep track of the many blogs authored by industry thought leaders, follow #highered on Twitter, check SlideShare for the slide decks of sessions you attend (or miss!) at conferences, and sign up for email newsletters. The list grows daily and the content only gets more scattered. 

We have the solution. Enter, EDUniverse.

EDUniverse, a website designed and built by mStoner, will serve as the goto destination for those who want to find out about the latest innovations in higher education communications and marketing. The website is designed as a hub where professionals can find and share inspiration, learn how others have solved problems, and network with each other. 

We put together a quick video to show an overview of what EDUniverse can do for you.

Anyone can visit EDUniverse to learn about current thinking and find out what solutions might have worked for others. By creating a profile on EDUniverse, a contributor will be able to share content from their blog, Twitter, YouTube and Slideshare accounts, and will be able to upload content like video and white papers directly to EDUniverse. 

Contributors will also be able to comment and rank content shared by others and tag content for sharing with people who have similar interests like design, social media, fundraising, research, or public relations. By ranking and commenting on content that is shared on the site, EDUniverse participants can endorse thought-provoking ideas and noteworthy posts or presentations. The home page and other areas of the site will feature this user-curated content.

EDUniverse is anticipated to launch in February 2012. In the meantime, you can sign up at EDUniverse.org to ensure that you are among the first to gain access.