E‑book Available — The 12-Step Higher Education Website Migration Guide
E‑book Available — The 12-Step Higher Education Website Migration Guide


E‑book Available — The 12-Step Higher Education Website Migration Guide

Mar 10, 2021By Travis Koury

With the right team and a solid plan, you can save time and avoid the common pitfalls of website migration.


What is website migration?

A higher education website migration is typically a process in which an institution’s website undergoes changes in its platform, content, structure, and UX/design. The old website’s content is audited then rewritten, deleted, and/or expanded upon for the new site.

How do I need a website migration plan?

Whether you’re redesigning your website, or moving to a new content management system (CMS) or digital experience platform (DXP), content migration in higher ed can be a daunting task. For institutions large and small, getting content ready to move requires time, attention to detail, and strong communication among key players. Our e‑book, The 12-Step Higher Education Migration Guide lays out each actionable step and why it’s important.

Key Takeaways

In this e‑book, you and your team will learn:

  • Examples of goals and content that can benefit your migration.
  • Online tools that are helpful in certain steps of your migration journey.
  • How to assemble a top-notch internal migration team.
  • The tasks that need to be completed to pivot from migration to launch.

Ebook cover of the 12-step higher education website migration guide



Looking for additional resources for your higher ed content strategy? Stream our webinar, Maximizing Content for Higher Ed. Beautifully executed design is only half the battle of accurately elevating your college or university’s brand online. Web design should be paired with quality content to deliver an engaging user experience on your new institutional website.

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