Is your .edu ready for the Class of 2022?


Is your .edu ready for the Class of 2022?

May 02, 2017By Mallory Willsea

Recruiting the Class of 2022 is already underway at most colleges and universities. Providing a great user experience and highly relevant content to prospects is more important now than at any other stage in their journey. mStoner can help ensure your site is an effective recruitment tool by conducting a site checkup in less than four weeks.

Now is the time to establish your brand, showcase your academic offerings, and demystify the admissions process.

mStoner, Inc. and Chegg have collaborated for the past two years to design and conduct a series of Mythbusting studies to help education marketers improve their efforts. We surveyed teenage prospective students about their attitudes and practices around college admission and their use of .edu websites. Then we asked the same questions of college enrollment officers, marketers, and web professionals to discover what they knew, or thought they knew, about what teens did and wanted during their college search.

Our research resulted in a nuanced understanding of how teens behave when engaging in their college search. Here are a few of the findings:

  • Teens use video in their explorations of colleges and universities, but it’s not their first choice for information.
  • They behave differently on social media than we might expect.
  • Teens explore college websites on their phones, but they aren’t particularly interested in downloading and using college-produced apps.

Let us put the Mythbusting research to work for your institution.

mStoner’s site checkup provides a roadmap toward improved content, design, and user experience in less than four weeks.

By engaging with us, you’ll get:

  • Customized site checkup
  • Objective feedback
  • Actionable information for improving your site immediately
  • Priorities and a roadmap for long-term development

As a result, your team will be armed to make immediate design updates and content improvements to your most marketing-critical pages to better attract prospective students.

Interested to learn more? Submit the inquiry form or email me.

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