Finding the UX Factor in Enrollment Marketing [Enrollify Podcast Episode]
Finding the UX Factor in Enrollment Marketing [Enrollify Podcast Episode]


Finding the UX Factor in Enrollment Marketing [Enrollify Podcast Episode]

Jul 17, 2020By Travis Koury

mStoner creative director, Ben Bilow, and UX specialist, Kaycee Woodford, sat down with Zach Busekrus of Enrollify to discuss the role that UX design plays in enrollment marketing and student recruitment.

Institutional websites are hugely influential in a student’s journey to enrollment. And chances are you’ve heard of user experience (UX) design. Ben describes UX as, “the sum total of all of the elements that make a product, or a process, or even an environment work for people.” If you’re wondering why UX design is important to institutional websites, check out our previous Intelligence post where we highlight the key takeaways from a focus group of prospective students discussing their thoughts on university UX design.

In episode 52 of Enrollify’s podcast, Ben and Kaycee discuss:

  • the recipe for great UX,
  • specific strategies and tactics that are critical to crafting a user-focused experience, and
  • why great user-experience extends beyond an institution’s website.

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