Free Webinar: 2001 A Web Odyssey


Free Webinar: 2001 A Web Odyssey

Oct 24, 2013By Mallory Willsea

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Learn about trends in web design and management over the past 12 years, and update your definition of current best practices.

Remember FrontPage Extensions? How about spacer GIFS? Which font did your site use … Arial or Times? Do you remember testing to make sure your table layout looked right in Netscape? Those were the days of animated GIFS. Since then, best practices in web design have come a long way.

Are you concerned that your knowledge of what is in or out on the web may be dated? Join Sarah Eva Monroe, a senior creative director at mStoner, and Rachel Hoormann, executive director of university web communications, for a conversation on the ways in which changes in content creation, audience expectations, governance, and analytics have radically altered the landscape of higher ed websites. Sarah Eva’s first official job as a web professional was at Tulane University in 2001. In this webinar, she will reconnect with two of her colleagues and draw upon their wisdom gained from managing the same website for more than a decade.

What You’ll Learn:

We’ll take a look at what used to be considered best practice in web management and contrast that with current thinking. You’ll come to understand which techniques should be retired, and which have remained in vogue. We’ll explore the following questions:

  • How is mobile browsing like using dial-up?
  • Do I still need to choose web-safe colors?
  • Which image formats are best for which types of graphics?
  • How has communication strategy evolved?
  • What is the evolution of the online news room?
  • What is distributed content management?
  • Can I really only choose from a few limited typefaces when choosing a font?
  • Is animation in or out?
  • How has writing for the web changed?

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who creates content for higher education websites and could use a brush up on current best practices in web design and management.


Friday, November 8, at 2:00 p.m. EDT / 1:00 p.m. CDT

Cost and Attendance:

Attendance is free; registration is required.


Sarah Eva brings more than 10 years of digital creative and strategy experience to mStoner. Her career in higher education spans three institutions: The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Columbia College Chicago, and Tulane University. At these institutions she’s held a variety of positions including web designer, art director, and digital marketing lead, and has a track record of exceeding recruitment, marketing, and advancement goals. In 2011, she joined Lipman Hearne, where she led digital/social media strategy for clients.Sarah Eva is an alumna of Obama’s 2012 digital team, where as a senior advertising strategist she managed the copywriting, design, and production of creative assets for mobile, social, desktop, and gaming platforms.

Rachel Hoormann has led web content and design strategy at Tulane University for over 13 years. She and her staff manage top-level pages, Tulane’s content management system and support all manner of electronic communications from social media to powerpoint.

Questions for Sarah Eva and Rachel?

Leave your questions in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to answer them during the webinar.