How to do Facebook tabs right: Inspiration from outside .edu (Part 1 of 4)


How to do Facebook tabs right: Inspiration from outside .edu (Part 1 of 4)

Oct 20, 2011By Mallory Willsea

It is important to provide your audience with a cohesive web experience. Customized tabs on Facebook can help achieve that goal, but they can do so much more! In the coming weeks I will highlight examples of compelling Facebook tabs from outside .edu that encourage your audience to like your Page and will keep them coming back.

Barack Obama – Are You In?

No surprise here, the Obama campaign is well‐respected for using social media in new ways to inspire supporters.

I love the idea behind the Are You In? tab. First, you show your support by clicking Im in! (simple, quick, and really what could be easier?) and then you are given the option to connect your Facebook account to see if your friends are in too. You are prompted to share that you are in on your wall and encouraged to invite your friends to join. Obama wants his supporters to spread the word for him, clearly aware that Americans trust friends and online recommendations far more than advertising messages.

How could this apply to .edu?
Envision Are You In as Are You Applying? Once you click Im Applying the tab allows you to connect your Facebook account so you can share the good news with your friends. The tab then morphs into a place where you can invite your friends to join and interact with others who are also applying. Keep it social by giving prospective students a place to offer each other essay writing tips or ask current students questions about campus life.

Is your institution doing something new or different with Facebook tabs? We’d love to hear from you.

Next up: A favorite cartoon.

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