Become a Higher Ed Live Host
Become a Higher Ed Live Host


Become a Higher Ed Live Host

Dec 17, 2018By Mallory Willsea

The call for new Higher Ed Live hosts is open!

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Application deadline: February 1, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. EST / 5:00 p.m. PST.

What is Higher Ed Live?

Higher Ed Live is a free network that offers viewers direct access to the best and brightest minds in education and allows viewers to share knowledge and participate in discussions around the most important issues in the industry.

The network provides live, weekly content about admissions, advancement, marketing, student affairs, and communications to higher education professionals through live episodes, the Higher Ed Live blog, and podcast.

Hosting live episodes is fun, professionally rewarding, and helps you grow your network. Hosts receive a quarterly stipend and other perks throughout the year.

Tips for Applying

Here are some things you should know before applying:


We’re looking for higher education professionals who are currently employed at a college or university and work in one of the following areas: admissions and enrollment, marketing and communications, alumni relations, fundraising, or student affairs.

Stand out

We want to hear about your career journey and why you’re interested in hosting a live webcast.

We’ll ask you to submit a video of you speaking. Don’t sweat the recording quality. We want to get a feel for your on-camera presentation style. Share a recording of a past speaking gig, or a three to five minute video of you describing an important industry issue or trend.

Know your niche

Do you have lots to say? That’s great. We’re looking for passion and expertise. Is there one topic you know inside and out? What topics do your colleagues come to you for advice on? Be sure to tell us which topics you feel the most comfortable speaking about and leading discussions around.

Who’s your audience

The Higher Ed Live audience is here to be engaged and empowered. Do you actively give back to your professional community? Share where you’ve networked and any past speaking opportunities you’ve taken advantage of.

Bonus content

Do you have a new vision for higher education or a sample of your favorite project? Being a Higher Ed Live host means putting yourself and your ideas out in front of the world. This is your chance to share your unique personality.


Questions? Email us.


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