Big News: Higher Ed Live and EDUniverse Merge!


Big News: Higher Ed Live and EDUniverse Merge!

Dec 05, 2014By Mallory Willsea

Two years after taking over the production and management of the Higher Ed Live network, I’m pleased to share the announcement made yesterday …

Higher Ed Live and EDUniverse are merging!

In the last two years we’ve grown the Higher Ed Live network in a number of ways. Let’s recap:

  • Added two new channels: Advancement Live and Marketing Live.
  • Streamlined programming: Admissions Live, Marketing Live, and Student Affairs Live air on the first and third weeks of the month. Advancement Live and Higher Ed Live air on the second and fourth weeks of the month. All shows broadcast live at 1:00pm ET.
  • Added podcasts to the mix.
  • Developed a number of new partnerships with associations, organizations, and companies including: ACPA, Formstack, iModules, Omni Update, and Chegg.
  • Offered live media coverage at a number of conferences including: AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, CASE Social Media Conference, Web Conference at Penn State, SUNYCUAD, TERMINALFOUR’s user conference, and Hannon Hill’s Cascade user conference.

Seth Odell, the founder of Higher Ed Live, put his trust in mStoner when he handed over the reins in November 2012. At the time he said, “Not only will this new partnership mean the merger of Higher Ed Live’s rich live weekly content with EDUniverse’s platform for community-driven content, but it will also ensure both are given the best support possible, as mStoner will be taking over day-to-day operations and providing a deep backend knowledge that I simply wasn’t able to provide alone before.”

We’re relaunching

As the Higher Ed Live network grew over the last two years, our team carefully planned for the inevitable merger of EDUniverse and Higher Ed Live. We’ve known that some of EDUniverse’s best features — conference pages and a robust blogging platform — would be a natural fit for the Higher Ed Live network. And we’ve deliberately worked these enhancements into the new site.

We’ve been working on the relaunch since this summer and we’re about a month away from unveiling the new (Believe me, I couldn’t be more excited!)

What does this announcement mean for EDUniverse users and contributors?

  • Make sure to export your content before January 15. All of your personal blog, presentation, and video content is now available for download using the “Download My Posts” button on your profile page. We will not migrate user’s content from EDUniverse into the new site.
  • will sunset on January 19, 2015. Moving forward the domain will redirect visitors to

We’re looking forward to welcoming new guest-bloggers to contribute to the Higher Ed Live network. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, you can shoot me an email.

Read the full press release for more information.

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