Back in November, we were ISO a PM for LTR.

Today, we announce that the search is over and that the long-term relationship will begin soon. I am thrilled to write that Fran Zablocki will join mStoner next month as a project manager. Perhaps you already know him as @Zablocki.

Fran comes to mStoner well prepared with a successful set of experiences in higher education. He is, for a few more weeks, the online community manager in Alumni Relations at SUNY Geneseo. Before
his current job, Fran spent some time as the web communications manager at Nazareth College. While at Nazareth, Fran was part of the team that deployed the award-winning Flight of the Flyers campaign.

A social media strategist and an expert about alumni communities, Fran offered a presentation about alumni networks and social media at HighEdWeb 2011. At the close of 2011, he was the guest host for a Higher Ed Live episode called LinkedIn for EDU.

And speaking of 2011, Fran’s personal blog contains one of my favorite posts from last year. He wrote about the relationships colleges and universities have with young alumni and the typical neglect that typically follows graduation. I earnestly recommend his post, I’d like to introduce myself as myself and then again, as myself.

Hiring a project manager requires a careful assessment of a wide range of skills and a diverse set of abilities. We make commitments about budgets and time tables and milestones when we begin work with our clients. They are counting on us to deliver, and we rely on mStoner PMs to oversee the full project lifecycle. At mStoner, the PM is also the primary rep for the campus team. So on any given day, Fran will do everything from building a project schedule to analyzing a budget or explaining how usability tests work. He’ll be busy but we’re not worried. He’s got the chops to do the job, and we can’t wait to have him on board.

We’ll welcome Fran officially on February 13. It’ll be our birthday present to him. He wrote this announcement for his personal website. You can read more about Fran on his LinkedIn profile.

Leave a comment about Fran joining our team here on the blog or just Tweet at him. #FranZablockijoinsmStoner

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  • Patrick Powers

    Congratulations! Great addition to an already awesome team.

  • Andrew Careaga

    Congrats to Fran for joining an amazing group of individuals, and congrats to mStoner for bringing Fran onto the team. I’m looking forward to hearing great things about mStoner in 2012 and beyond!

  • Bob Ertischek

    You are so lucky to have Fran! What a great asset! Good luck to all!

  • Susan Evans

    Patrick, Agreed.
    Andrew, Agreed. +1
    Bob, Agreed. +2

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