Meet Bianca!


Meet Bianca!

May 03, 2017By Mallory Willsea

Meet Bianca, the newest member of the mStoner team. Bianca joins mStoner’s Chicago office as digital marketing specialist. She holds a masters of arts in communications studies and a bachelor of arts in corporate communications from Eastern Illinois University. You can connect with her on Linked In and follow her on Twitter.

Bianca was game for a round of mStoner’s version of the Proust Questionnaire.

Favorite book: Tao Te Ching — Lao Tzu

Favorite TV show: Parks and Recreation and New Girl

Favorite place you’ve visited: Lisbon, Portugal

Funniest tweet you ever read: @ChipotleTweets: Dating is pretty much just finding an eating partner, and that’s fine.

Greatest achievement to-date: Having my thesis, (What’s Their Expiration Date?: Age Discrimination in the Workplace), bound and deposited in Eastern Illinois University’s Library

What you learned best in college: Time management

In grad school: Stress management

Personal best: Passing my Qualitative Statistics comprehensive exam — still unsure how I did that.

Your superhero: Superheroes = my family. They are the most fantastic people I have ever met and I couldn’t do half of what I have to this day without their love and support.

Your nemesis: Salt and vinegar chips. No bag stands a chance.

Your motto: “Don’t hate what you don’t understand.” — John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Please join me in welcoming Bianca!


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