mStoner, Inc. and Clients receive an Outstanding Website award and an Education Standard of Excellence in the 2017 WebAwards.

Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association’s annual WebAward Competition has set the standard of excellence for website development. Best Education and University websites are selected by judges who review entries using seven key criteria: Design, Ease of Use, Copywriting, Interactivity, Use of Technology, Innovation, and Content.

Outstanding Website: Saint Louis University

The Challenge:

Change the way a major university approaches the web by demonstrating best practices and including all units in the rollout of a modern, competitive, and beautiful new site.

The Results:

According to SLU, a top 100 research university, “Discoveries — big and small — happen here every day.” Sharing those discoveries in an engaging way with prospective students was the main priority for Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jeff Fowler in relaunching SLU is regarded as one of the country’s most prestigious Jesuit universities. However, as Fowler said, the “old website was designed like an org chart. It was very siloed and didn’t make sense to someone from the outside. It was just not competitive or modern for the audience we wanted to reach.”

Since the launch of the new site, prospective students are accessing information and engaging more than ever. Metrics for the number of sessions, page views, pages per session, and time on site have all increased over the same period a year ago.

“The change in aesthetics, the tone — it just strikes me every day how much more engaging, how much better the site looks,” Fowler said. “The change for us was so dramatic, and I just think we made a tremendous jump from where we were to where we are now.”

Read the full case study.

Education Standard of Excellence: St. John Fisher College

The Challenge:

Translate the magic of a campus culture to every screen and showcase an impressive array of academic programs to attract prospective students.

The Results:

St. John Fisher College wanted to reflect how inspiring it is to walk on its beautiful campus and see the obvious pride students take in their school. They also needed a mobile-ready, responsive site design to engage the increasing number of prospective students browsing colleges on small devices. mStoner helped the Fisher marketing team translate the magic of their campus culture to every screen size.

To translate the feeling of Fisher’s campus, mStoner’s creative team focused on authentic storytelling and points of pride by creating “Experience Fisher,” a site section that provides a rich, dynamic invitation to explore the college.

Research shows that the first thing prospective students search for are academic programs. To optimize the mobile experience for a high school student, mStoner made “Majors & Minors” the first tab in the navigation and also created a unique filtering feature so visitors can narrow down and browse Fisher’s many programs.

The result: The new site is already creating better word-of-mouth publicity and strong numbers of natural brand ambassadors.

“There is so much vibrant, active, engaging life here, and we have a very tight-knit community,” said Kate Torok, director of marketing and communications at Fisher.

“We hoped that what people experience when they walk on this campus would be reflected in the site, and I think we did that.”

Read the full case study.

About the WebAwards

The WebAward Competition is the premier award recognition program for Web developers and advertising agencies. Independent expert judges from around the world review sites in 96 industries. The best are recognized with a WebAward.


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