mStoner Takes Home Eight EDU Digital Marketing Awards


mStoner Takes Home Eight EDU Digital Marketing Awards

Dec 09, 2016By mStoner Staff

The Fourth Annual EDU Digital Marketing Awards presented mStoner, Inc. and clients with eight awards.

Sponsored by the Higher Education Marketing Report, the EDU Digital Marketing Awards recognize the best educational websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media, and social media. A national panel of industry specialists judges each submission on creativity, marketing execution, message impact, technology application, and innovation content.

Receiving honors for every 2016 submission, the mStoner team is thrilled to share the following results:


Northwestern University in Qatar
NU‑Q wanted a web presence that supports its vision and mission to provide a world-class education to students in the Middle East and to shape the media industries in Qatar. Improving the website design was important to NU‑Q, which called on mStoner to produce a site that is visually beautiful, easy to use, and scalable across devices.


The University of North Carolina School of the Arts
UNCSA needed a web presence that would match its sophistication as a conservatory, while presenting a unified brand for all five of its arts schools and an elegant navigation experience for visitors. Building on UNCSA’s new black-and-white logo, mStoner designed minimalist, high-contrast pages and then let the color arise from photography and video of student performances, rehearsals, and studio time.

Saint Louis University
According to SLU, a top 100 research university, “Discoveries — big and small — happen here every day.” Sharing those discoveries in an engaging way with prospective students was the main priority for Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jeff Fowler in relaunching The project also focused on changing the entire university’s approach to its web presence and including all units in the rollout of a modern, competitive, and beautiful new site.

Rush University
Rush needed to successfully merge four medical and nursing colleges under a new brand and web strategy that reflected the university’s prominence in health science education. A clean IA scaled the 20,000 assets down to 500, with no legacy pages left over. The entire site is lean, updated, and scaled to a size the current staff can manage.


Tulane University
The Tulane web team had the buy-in of senior leadership and the campus community for a new website, but they needed a data-driven, comprehensive strategy for how to go about it. The finished site makes a strong visual impact, prominently highlights Tulane’s research, conveys the rich culture of its New Orleans campus, and offers visitors a streamlined navigation.

Tufts University
As a university that excels at big thinking, Tufts was aiming for more than a beautiful new website. It saw the relaunch as a rare opportunity to revamp the university’s digital communications strategy. But it needed to serve eight schools with a single approach that responded to university priorities, as well as prospective students’ interests. The new homepage is story-rich, with engaging video, photography, articles, and social media that speak to prospective students while also conveying the strategic themes of the university.

Loyola Marymount University
LMU needed a site that would better communicate its identity. With prospective students as the target audience, mStoner helped refocus on recruitment and brand messaging. LMU Vice President of Marketing and Communications John Kiralla wanted this project to be truly transformative for the university. From information architecture to content to design, the overall presentation of the institution’s messages was top priority.

University of Rochester School of Nursing
The School of Nursing needed a better understanding of what motivates prospective students and a strategy to attract more right-fit students to apply to the school’s varied nursing programs. Launched in September 2016, the new, vibrant website showcases the school’s research, faculty, and students in one consistent voice and tone that’s a model for presenting nursing as a collaborative continuum.