Here’s Why You Need A Faculty Expert Center


Here’s Why You Need A Faculty Expert Center

Jul 23, 2015By mStoner Staff

The most important step to begin leveraging faculty expertise is to develop a faculty expert center. The expert center acts as a central hub for internal and external access to expertise. It relocates information that is often decentralized across many different sites and pages, and then syndicates the most important faculty accomplishments to critical areas of the website such as academic programs and admissions.

Some colleges and universities may have the time and resources to build a center themselves, but the majority of institutions would welcome a faster, affordable, better alternative. Check out ExpertFile, an expertise platform used by industries all over the world to showcase their best and brightest researchers, authors, and subject matter experts.

ExpertFile offers a hosted solution for managing individual profiles and biographies will all the tools and technology to enable you to be:

More Responsive

The media is always hungry for expert sources of information to offer insight and perspective on the topics of the day, and the real-time news cycle demands access to those sources within a very short window of opportunity. An intuitive experts center helps public relations and marketing staff connect their institution’s faculty members to journalists and media professionals. ExpertFile’s content model is optimized for media connections, combining traditional and social contact information with embedded presentation decks and video that can be easily shared or sourced.

More Proactive in Management and Promotion

Faculty produce content in a number of different formats, including research papers, seminar videos, slide presentations, and blog posts. Because this information is typically spread out over several locations and websites — some of which may not even be associated with your institution — managing this content is difficult and time-consuming. ExpertFile solves this by providing a central location that both content managers and faculty may update quickly and easily.

More Knowledgeable About Effectiveness

Analytics are only valuable if you use them to make strategic decisions. ExpertFile measures every connection that’s taking place with your faculty and provides a report dashboard that helps you answer critical questions such as:

  • What are the most important topics to the media? What expertise do we have on campus to match those topics?
  • What faculty are most popular for specific topics?
  • Where are media requests coming from? 
  • How effective is our expert content? What areas are most important to focus on for improvement

More Discoverable

You may have great faculty, and even great faculty content — but are people actually finding it? As good as a local faculty experts center might be, the scale of ExpertFile’s database makes it a more attractive destination for Google search results. Built-in search indexing helps make sure that your faculty show up when keywords for their expertise area are used.

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