My mom called me earlier this week to get my advice on mobile phones. Blackberry or iPhone, she asked. I asked in return, how important it was for her to be able to dial out. Let me be clear, I love my iPhone with the same blind and loyal passion of people who adore their VW Jettas (repair records be damned!). And once I wrapped my head around the idea that my iPhone is a nifty little mini-computer that has a bunch of cool specialized apps and sometimes dials out and almost reliably drops every call I make, I was all smiles. And of those specialized apps, two are proving indispensible to my life-at-the-moment:

1. Gratitude! (, $0.99)
This little app allows you to keep a daily microjournal of things you’re grateful for-it also allows you to rate each day and assign a picture to each entry. Simple, yes, and just small and easy enough to make the thought of daily journaling feasible. And I really appreciate the fact that this app is about keeping a record of things you’re grateful for-after all, we don’t need any help remembering the bad stuff.

2. Lose It! (, free)
Another year, another resolution to lose weight. This app actually helps the cause—fully featured with a fairly large database of foods, it lets me track my meal calories and my exercises in real time. Nice, clean interface, too! And for those who are wondering, 2.5 pounds down, 22.5 pounds to go.

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