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Now’s a great time to stop doing some of those things you’ve been wanting to get rid of but didn’t think you could! What are you going to stop doing so you can truly focus on the most important things this year?

A couple of examples:

  • Still churning out everything in print? Move it to the web. Or move at least part of it to the web. You’ve been wanting to anyway. If you need an excuse for the folks who have a problem with change, blame it on your new sleeker budget. Or say, "We just want to make sure we’re getting the best return on the University’s money."
  • Still maintain email for alumni? Stop doing it. They’re all on Gmail and only use your service to forward their mail.
  • Still trying to support IE 6? IE 8 was just released. And IE 6 was released in 2001. It’s time. Rewrite your policy to say "we only support the current browser and one previous version." (This idea alone will save you at least a hundred hours a year of dealing with browser goofiness.)

Often, getting things done is as much about what you’re not doing as what you’re doing. Unload some of your baggage and it gets easier to get where you’re going.

What else can you think of to get rid of?

Rob Cima

AUTHOR - Rob Cima

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  • Karlyn Morissette

    For me, I always ask if doing this will REALLY have an impact on the bottom line goals of the organization.  I’ve literally been in meetings where time was spent debating whether a link in an email should start with a noun or a verb, but the larger issue of creating value for our audience is never discuss.  So what would I get rid of?  The stuff that doesn’t matter, whatever that may be within the context of your organization.  Replace it with maybe :::gasp::: talking about the stuff that does.

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