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Advanced Marketing for Higher Education Websites

Digital Marketing for Higher Education

Digital Storytelling for Higher Education

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Advanced Marketing for Higher Education Websites

Get ready to transform the way your institution approaches the web.

Your website is your institution’s No. 1 marketing and communications vehicle, and yet the challenges to continually enhance your college or university website seem to only increase.

Whether you're planning for a content refresh, getting buy-in for a full-scale redesign, or executing other high-impact web projects, this nine class course on advanced website marketing will help you level up for the task.

Advanced Marketing for Higher Education Websites Covers:

  • Understanding your key audiences and prioritize your communication efforts.
  • Creating exceptional content with better planning.
  • Getting leadership to understand and better resource digital and web marketing.
  • Improving the user experience of your website.
  • Identifying trends and patterns throughout the prospective student user journey.
  • Tailoring communications to reach alumni.

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Digital Marketing for Higher Education

Become a smarter digital marketer and improve your institution's digital marketing strategy and execution.

Digital marketing is essential to your college or university’s marketing and communications strategy. It can help you build brand awareness, promote academic programs, reach prospective students, and tell your institution’s unique story.

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the rapidly changing digital world with this six class, on-demand course.

Digital Marketing for Higher Education Covers:

  • How to build an integrated digital strategy.
  • The right way to use social media listening to influence your marketing.
  • Tips to best manage your brand on digital platforms.
  • Content marketing ideas to engage and recruit students.
  • Practical SEO tactics to help you focus your efforts and boost your search rankings.
  • How to best use measurement tools to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

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Digital Storytelling for Higher Education

Storytelling plays a significant role in helping institutions of higher education to reveal and build their brand.

As we recruit students or faculty, nurture relationships with alumni and donors, and raise awareness and esteem in the community and among our peers, we tell our stories in order to educate, inspire, engage, and move people to action.

Learn the essential elements of on-brand digital storytelling to engage your most important audiences with this eight class, on-demand course.

Digital Storytelling for Higher Education Covers:

  • Essential components and elements of a great story
  • Six stages of a digital story’s life
  • Principles for using storytelling to build your brand
  • Audience-specific storytelling guidance
  • Design and accessibility
  • Measurement considerations
  • Techniques for becoming a masterful storyteller

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Class List

Advanced Marketing for Higher Education Websites:

Part One: Laying the Foundation

  1. The ABCs of Gen XYZ
  2. Marking the Case for Website Resources
  3. Experience Mapping 2.0

Part Two: Feeding the Content Beast

  1. Advanced Writing for the Web
  2. Google Is Becoming Your Homepage
  3. Guerrilla Video Production: Produce More for Less

Part Three: Move from Project to Process

  1. From Project to Process: One Year Later
  2. Creative Ideation for Digital Experiences
  3. Smart Is the New Pretty

Digital Marketing for Higher Education:

  1. Your Institution’s Brand + Digital: The Brand Strategist’s Guide
  2. Level Up Your Content Marketing
  3. Using Social Conversation Insights to Identify Strategic Influencers
  4. SEO Keyword Research: What Everyone Gets Wrong
  5. The Analytics Tools in Your Digital Marketing Toolbox
  6. Digital at the Core: How to Build (and Maintain) a Successful Integrated Strategy

Digital Storytelling for Higher Education:

  1. Digital Storytelling 101
  2. Accessibility for Storytelling
  3. The Anatomy of a Story
  4. Storytelling for Student Recruitment
  5. Storytelling to Nurture Loyalty and Increase Support
  6. Visual Design for Digital Stories
  7. Illustrations and Infographics for Digital Storytelling
  8. Analytics for Digital Storytelling

Who Should Register?

We built these courses with your entire marketing and communications team in mind. If you work in one of the following roles, there’s something for you:

  • Advancement communications
  • Brand strategy
  • Content
  • Digital communications
  • Enrollment management
  • Marketing
  • Project management
  • Social media
  • Website management

Praise from course attendees:

“The presentations were informative, engaging and thought provoking. Each provided useful tips and strategies that I'm excited to put into action.”

“I was surprised by how much I learned. The course ended with so many new topics and tools to dig into, and I have a notebook full of new strategy and content ideas too!"

"The combination of web, social, content and print touched on areas related to all team members ... hard to find this mix at a conference. Well done!”

“The content was useful and we appreciated that the speakers worked within the higher education field, used very specific examples and provided useful tools and tips ”

"The material was so pertinent! Practical, helpful, on point, and very relevant. Perhaps the best session I've ever attended."

What Is Included in My Registration?

Professional Development for Your Entire Team

Yes indeed, your entire team can access all 23 sessions. (That's 19 hours of professional development!) They will walk away with concrete strategies and tips to improve your web, marketing, and digital storytelling efforts immediately.

Unlimited, Yearlong Access

Access to each course's on-demand recording and downloadable slide deck will be available to your team for one year. We encourage you to offer the on-demand training to new colleagues. Your team can access on-demand content from an unlimited number of devices and rewatch sessions as often as needed.