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Mythbusting Websites

Looking to become a smarter enrollment or digital marketer? Research shows significant disconnect between what prospective teens value when they visit your .edu and what higher education marketing and enrollment professionals believe they value. We explore where their perspectives converge — and where they differ — and how marketers can leverage this knowledge.


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Personalization for Higher Ed Websites

Visitors increasingly expect a personalized experience from the website they interact with. This webinar explores personalization opportunities to help elevate your brand experience, increase key conversions, and provide specific content to your different audience segments. We’ll take a practical approach to planning for web personalization and identify the important prerequisites for getting it right.


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Mythbusting Admissions

Discover where prospects and professionals agree, and disagree, on enrollment marketing, messages, and channels. You’ll learn what teens consider to be the top sources of information about colleges and where to focus your time and energy in marketing to this important audience.

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Experience Maps — Improve Promise and Process

Experience maps — graphical representations of the interactions individuals have with a product or service — are an effective tool for understanding our audiences. You’ll learn the principles behind experience mapping, as well as various techniques for collecting necessary data and information.


Academic Program Pages

Less is more; the visuals are the narrative; and the moment is what matters most. Are you interested in learning about structuring academic program content to support recruitment goals? Join mStoner’s creative team as they discuss the research and rationale behind Columbia College Chicago’s academic program finder, program pages, and faculty highlight collection.


Storytelling Through Faculty

Faculty members — their research, scholarship, and teaching — offer some of the richest stories for an institution to share. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the use of story to engage mind and heart and the role of technology in managing and measuring that content.

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