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mStoner + BVK Webinar Series

Join mStoner, Inc. and branding partner BVK for a brand new, three-part webinar series.

This series covers how to:

  • Build an enduring brand.
  • Weave storytelling into your next integrated marketing campaign.
  • Gain buy-in from senior leaders for your next brand or website project.

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Webinar 1

Pitch Perfect: How to Gain Internal Buy-In

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You know that what your institution calls a brand is actually a logo and a worn tagline. It’s time to get serious about your brand positioning. You need research, critical thinking, creative brilliance, and a digital-first strategy. And you need a website that serves as the flagship for your newly articulated brand.

How do you get your senior leadership to understand and buy in to the time and resources necessary for a branding initiative and website redesign done right?

Join us for the first webinar in the four-part Summer Webinar Series, where we'll arm you with the tools — the data, the stories, presentation approach and techniques — you’ll need to build and deliver a persuasive pitch to your decision-makers.

What you’ll learn:

  • The process, timeline, and potential costs involved in a brand-to-website project.
  • Options and alternatives for sequencing work, particularly in the face of institutional milestones or strategic planning process.
  • Ways to justify a large investment using data and information that will resonate with your institution’s decision-makers.

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Webinar 2

Brand Architecture: Building an Enduring Brand

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Most brand efforts start with a bang, then soon fade away. Why? Because too many institutions continue to focus on features and benefits to tell their story. In today’s hypercompetitive environment, colleges and universities need to do more.

Institutions need to discover — or, for many, rediscover — their core values. Once that happens, there is an enormous opportunity for elevating your message beyond the statistics, beyond the rankings, and beyond the athletic accomplishments.

In part two of the Summer Webinar Series, we’ll provide you with important insights that can help transform your institution from enrollment to endowment.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What values-based marketing is.
  • How this approach (based on 10 years and 50,000 brands studied) has created incredible success both inside and outside of the higher education category.
  • The neuroscience of infusing emotion into your university’s brand messaging, leading to differentiation and increased engagement.
  • Insights into the Masterbrand approach and the necessary steps required to create brand consistency across the entire university.
  • How to discover, unite, inspire and unleash the power of your brand at each of your university’s touch points.

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Webinar 3

Storytelling and Integrated Marketing Communications

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Storytelling is imperative if you want to build an enduring brand for your college or university.

The truth is, we could all be better at articulating who we are, what we’ve experienced, and why it matters. To tell better stories, institutions must first develop a true understanding of and empathy for target audiences, clarify brand messaging, and then develop staffing and skill sets to infuse storytelling into robust integrated marketing communication.

The digital space allows storytellers to immerse audiences even more fully in our stories by integrating and weaving video, photography, user-generated content, and other rich media throughout the marketing campaign.

Are your readers at the heart of your institution’s story? In part three of the Summer Webinar Series, we’ll arm you with the knowledge you need — storytelling principles, concrete planning steps, and best-practice examples — to ensure storytelling is at the heart of your integrated marketing communication.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to develop an on-brand storytelling strategy.
  • How to structure your stories.
  • Traits of successful stories and how to measure impact.
  • Ways to weave storytelling into your next integrated marketing campaign.

Download the On Demand Presentation

Who Should Download?

We built this webinar series for higher education marketing and communications professionals. Consider attending this series if you work in one of the following roles:

  • Marketing and communications professionals on a centralized team or within a School or College.
  • Digital, social, and website managers and directors.
  • Enrollment management and admission professionals who work with digital content and marketing.
  • Writers and editors.
  • Members of website redesign project teams.

Praise from past webinar attendees:

“The presentations were informative, engaging and thought-provoking. Each provided useful tips and strategies that I'm excited to put into action.”

"The combination of web, social, content, and print touched on areas related to all team members ... hard to find this mix at a conference. Well done!”

“The content was useful and we appreciated that the speakers worked within the higher education field, used very specific examples and provided useful tools and tips.”

"The material was so pertinent! Practical, helpful, on point, and very relevant. Perhaps the best session I've ever attended."


Voltaire Santos Miran

Voltaire Santos Miran, Co-founder & Co-owner of mStoner, Inc.

As co-founder and co-owner, Voltaire works with our clients’ teams to forge and sustain transformative, memorable, and incredibly effective partnerships. He shapes all aspects of mStoner’s individual projects, overall planning, and companywide management in his role as managing director and co-owner. A natural storyteller, Voltaire enjoys teaching others how to tell stories and using his expertise in information architecture, content strategy, and governance to move institutions from a project mindset to a process mindset. Current clients include the University of North Dakota, Elmhurst College, and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health.

Voltaire Santos Miran

Pat McGovern, Vice President of BVK

Pat brings a unique blend of both client and agency experience to the business. Throughout his career he has worked across a number of verticals, with a specific focus on higher education. His clients include Florida Tech, Westminster College, St. Cloud State University and Marquette University. Pat holds a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.


Tamalyn Powell, vice president and group account director, BVK

Tam’s responsibilities include all aspects of marketing communications planning and strategy for higher education and healthcare clients across the country. Tam is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and growth of BVK’s higher education clients, as well as being the resident industry expert. Current clients include Michigan State University, Texas Christian University, and University of Louisville.