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When people think of Tulane, they think of New Orleans. Take a closer look, and you’ll find a major research university with public service in its DNA. The relaunched site for this great university offers a research landing page making it clear that Tulane solves some of society’s most complex challenges by combining “intellectual muscle with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

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The University of Rochester School of Nursing is part of the largest medical center, teaching hospital, and employer in the Rochester, New York, area. Developing empathy for the School’s wide array of stakeholders was a crucial first step in creating a best-in-class site design and content strategy. Adhering to the University’s overall brand, mStoner’s work provided UR with a model for ongoing collaboration with the School and other departments.

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A new website for Saint Louis University tells the story of what it means to choose a Jesuit education. Building on a new logo and visual identity, the site design is clean, high-impact, filled with institutional pride, and stunning on mobile. Placing Majors & Programs front and center, the new gets right to the heart of the matter: exploring academic options.

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Market Research Themes

When institutional buyers from across the higher ed landscape are asking for answers to the same market research questions, you know significant competitive trends are at play. Is your institution asking the right questions about the market now? Dr. Joselyn Zivin, director of Huron Consulting Group’s higher education practice, joins Special Edition to discuss higher ed’s current market research outlook.

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Centralized Decentralization

The decentralized environment found at many institutions makes it challenging for higher ed marketers to drive effectiveness and efficiency. Central marketing and communications staff cannot necessarily “control,” but they must “influence.” Communications leaders from NC State and Tulane University discuss how their teams provided leadership, spurred collaboration, and generated tangible results in their decentralized environments.

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Faculty Content Strategy

Rich and engaging stories produced by your faculty experts are a potential gold mine for your engagement and content strategies. Technology and marketing expert Peter Evans discusses using faculty content across your web and social channels to drive everything from media coverage and alumni engagement to student recruitment. You’ll also learn how to capitalize on time-sensitive breaking news to highlight faculty expertise.

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