Let’s get right to the point. Video speaks to viewers in a way that evokes emotion, passion, and action. Video adds interactivity, increases your reach, and encourages sharing. And simply put, its entertaining.

Video helps institutions reach prospective students.

In an early 2011 eduGuru survey 95% of respondents reported that they create video for the web. And video production has only increased and become more important since the survey was conducted. Wheres the evidence? Just look at the ever-increasing statistics on video uploads and views released by YouTube and ComScore. People love to consume video online.

55% of students watch video on college web sites according to the 2011 Noel-Levitz E-Expectations Report. This number is up 13% from the 2010 survey. And 27% of students report that they visit other video sites (like YouTube) to find information about institutions on their list.

But simply producing video is not enough. There is a lot of noise out there. You aren’t just competing with sneezing pandas and double rainbows for video viewership. You’re competing against any other activity prospective students could be engaged in. That includes homework, soccer practice, and Facebook. Therefore, video produced by institutions must be effective: well thought-out, relevant, and supportive of institutional goals.

Lets talk video.

This June you’ll find me at SUNYCUAD presenting Reel Deal: Online Video, Its Time To Get Smart. And every Monday leading up to the presentation Ill be reviewing interesting and effective marketing videos in higher education.

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