Kylie Stanley

World, I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our mStoner team. Please meet Kylie Stanley, who joins us as a project manager. Kylie has a background in college admissions and college counseling. She earned her undergraduate degree (English and political science) from Indiana University and her master’s degree (higher education administration) from Vanderbilt University.

Good sport that Kylie is, she completed mStoner’s version of the Proust Questionnaire:

Favorite book: East of Eden
Heavy iPod rotation: Adele, The Avett Brothers, Darius Rucker
Funniest tweet you ever read: anything by @Possessionista (Dana Weiss)
Place you’d never check in on Foursquare: N/A – I check in everywhere, I’m shameless!
Greatest achievement to-date: obtaining my master’s degree in a field I truly love
What you learned best in college: I am in LOVE with higher ed
In grad school: being a nerd is trendy
Personal best: 2hr 14 minutes in the Nashville half-marathon
Your superhero: Tom Crean & IU basketball
Your nemesis: John Calipari & UK basketball
Your motto: “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Read more about Kylie or follow Kylie on Twitter

And while we’re on the subject of introductions, I’d like to re-introduce you to Doug Gapinski. You may have known him as one of our creative directors or as the face of mStoner’s mobile/responsive design practice. Doug’s new role at the firm-and a well-earned promotion-is that of strategist. In that new position, Doug will apply all of his experience to developing broad, deep, and elegant communication solutions for our clients. Read more about Doug or catch up on his webinar on Device-iveness.

We’re looking forward to the best year yet at mStoner, and we’ve got an all-star team to get us there. Game on!

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