Meet Travis!
Meet Travis!


Meet Travis!

Oct 11, 2019By Mallory Willsea

travis koury headshotSay hello to Travis Koury, mStoner’s new marketing specialist.

Travis joins mStoner with an extensive background in agency branding and higher education marketing. He also has freelanced as a digital marketer for healthcare, entertainment, tourism, and government entities.

At mStoner, Travis will apply digital marketing best practices to ensure higher education marketing and communication professionals can easily discover and access mStoner’s helpful resources, primary research, on-demand content, and service offerings.


Travis took on mStoner’s version of the Proust questionnaire.

Favorite book: Nonfiction: “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari; Fiction: “The Dark Tower” series by Stephen King.

Favorite TV show: “Cheers” is my comfort show and what my wife and I put on after watching something very suspenseful.

Favorite place you’ve visited: Glacier National Park, Montana, was hands down the most beautiful place I’ve been in the U.S.

Funniest tweet/article/social post you ever read: Gary Busey on Twitter: Hey @SeaWorld where are the pictures of my wife and son swimming with dolphins that we paid for? Call us back this isn’t cool

Greatest achievement to date: Paying all of my library fines so my college degree wouldn’t be withheld. My degree was eventually mailed to me, where it sat on my porch and was rained on for two consecutive days.

Your superhero: Michael Barbaro of The New York Times’ Podcast, The Daily

Your nemesis: Towels that aren’t soft

Your motto: “Always do whatever’s next.” —George Carlin

Your greatest life lesson: If you’re a 22-year-old freelancer and want to keep the money you earned, pay the IRS quarterly.

In the evening, you can find Travis writing, performing, and directing comedy at many of the great Chicago comedic institutions, including The Onion, iO Theater, The Second City, Annoyance Theater, and CIC Theater.

Welcome, Travis!

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