Five Higher Ed Social Media Webinars


Five Higher Ed Social Media Webinars

Jul 06, 2015By mStoner Staff

Whether you’re new to higher ed social media or a seasoned pro, this collection of higher ed social media webinars will help you to be more effective with social media.

These webinars focus on how to best integrate social media with your larger marketing and communications efforts. In addition, you’ll find case studies on social campaigns from Fordham University, Skidmore College, University of Florida, Elizabethtown College and Cornell University.

Consider setting up a lunch-and-learn with your team to view the webinars or share this link with your social media user group. Leave a comment and tell us what social media topics you’d like to see covered in a future presentation.

Connect Your Own Dots: Social Media Integration as a Best Practice for Marketing and Communications

In this webinar, Susan T. Evans, mStoner’s senior director for strategy, focuses on using social media as a tool within your marketing and communications toolbox. While your audiences experience your brand and hear from you through an ever-growing list of social media channels, you can’t expect them to connect the dots. Instead, you need to develop an institutional plan that will allow you to stay on message across multiple digital channels, such as social media aggregators, websites, editorial calendars and social media campaigns.

Remember: It’s risky to isolate your social media strategy from your broader communication/marketing strategy. This webinar includes specific suggestions and demonstrates best practices through case studies from educational institutions.

InteGREAT! Using Social, Web and Print to Engage Accepted Students

Focusing on the audience has never been more important or more challenging, as the mediums for our messages change. Many of us are simply repurposing content verbatim on our site, in print and on social media. But for it to truly resonate with our followers, we need to tailor the type and delivery of content to the platform. In this webinar, Mallory Wood, mStoner’s director of marketing, and Donna Talarico, Elizabethtown College’s director of integrated communications, present a case study on Elizabethtown’s Share Your Moment campaign.

Elizabethtown College transformed its traditional acceptance letter into a unique, tangible and multimedia experience. Donna shares how she and E‑town’s marketing and admissions team joined forces to create a “moment” for accepted students, and then encouraged them to share that moment — right then — on social media. Follow the team through conception to production to delivery — and nearly a year full of sharing. Learn why #etown2017 is the college’s most socially active incoming class to date, and see how this project increased yield and built relationships.

Secrets to a More Social Admissions Decision Day

The University of Florida took advantage of its admissions decision day to celebrate the newest members of the Gator family. UF rallied around the hashtag #UF17, so its team could coordinate communications with the accepted students, as they receive their acceptance notifications online. The results were dramatic — in roughly eight hours, the campaign resulted in 644 unique tweets from 966 individual Twitter contributors. These conversations totaled over 4.57 million timeline deliveries and reached 370,000 members of the Twitter community.

Bruce Floyd, University of Florida’s social media specialist, joins Mallory Wood to present a case study on the concept and execution of #UF17. They examine campaign strategy, planning, and goal-setting; campaign management; and measuring results.

Social Campaigns in #HigherEd

Nearly every college and university in the United States and abroad uses social media in student recruitment, alumni relations, institutional marketing, fundraising or all of the above. Today, many institutions are combining social channels with other online and offline channels to create integrated, multi-dimensional campaigns.

In this webinar, Mallory Wood shares the key components of successful social media campaigns. Daniella Nordin, Skidmore College’s social media specialist, and Ashley Budd, Cornell University’s assistant director of social media strategy, join Mallory to present two case studies on how their institutions successfully have used social networking to engage key audiences and drive real results.

Skidmore sought new ways to engage alumni and current students through a photo contest, Skid’s on the Loose. By reaching out to these audiences over winter break, Daniella and her team generated hundreds of user-submitted photos and lots of enthusiasm. Daniella will share details on the project, from conception to production to results, and how this campaign aligned with Skidmore’s strategic goals and marketing messages.

Cornell’s alumni affairs social media team recognized the importance of supporting the university’s fundraising efforts, specifically annual giving. Piloting one of the first social, crowdfunding campaigns in higher education, Ashley will share how she and her team successfully leveraged the online communities they developed to activate new donors, reactivate lapsed donors and engage young alumni.

#Fordham4Me Social Campaign Basics

High school seniors often are willing to shift their social media use to a platform that suits them best. And to capture their attention, colleges and universities must be willing to shift with them. In this webinar, Patrick Powers, mStoner’s project manager, tackles the key components of a successful social media campaign at Fordham University, #Fordham4Me. He’s joined by Donna Lehmann, Fordham’s director of online communications.

This campaign specifically targeted admitted students and aimed at influencing yield. And it relied less on the social stalwarts Facebook and Twitter, and more on the popular programs Instagram and Tumblr. Donna and Patrick tackle strategy, tactics, and how they measured success.