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Free Webinar: Breaking Down Silos: Lifetime Engagement


Free Webinar: Breaking Down Silos: Lifetime Engagement

Jun 11, 2013By mStoner Staff

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Breaking Down Silos: Lifetime Engagement

Your opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with each prospective student begins at first contact and continues to grow over the years and through countless communications as a prospect becomes a student, then an alum, and hopefully a donor and ambassador for your institution. Though many people ultimately have a hand in these communications, your students and alumni see the relationship as one-to-one, between themselves and the institution.

At most institutions, multiple offices engage in each stage of the relationship with students. Admissions, Student Affairs, Alumni Relations, and Development all participate in this engagement. Trouble is that these different teams often operate in silos and use different and disparate systems for managing information.

For example, many institutions eliminate student emails from individual records before Alumni Relations can import this information into their database. This causes tons of rework as alumni staff scramble to re-collect contacts. Conversely, alumni who submit address changes to Alumni Relations expect that this information will make its way to the Registrar — frustration ensues the next time they request a transcript and find that they have to resubmit their address information. These and other disconnects between offices can reduce or devalue the most important currency we have with our constituents: positive affinity.

Today’s prospect is next decade’s donor — whether we work in Alumni Relations, Admissions, Student Affairs or anywhere else on campus, we need to get on the same page and play as a team.


Fran Zablocki will define and refine the idea of lifetime engagement management, share case studies of lifetime engagement success stories, highlight how big data and new organizational models will help more institutions succeed and give you a game plan to become a catalyst for change at your institution. Fran brings 9 years of higher education web communications strategy and project management experience to mStoner. Fran has experience leading and successfully launching many web projects in higher education. Before working at mStoner, Fran worked at SUNY Geneseo, where he developed and implemented a cross-media marketing strategy to improve alumni engagement. Fran has presented at a number of conferences, including HighEdWeb national and regional events, the .eduGuru summit, and SUNYCUAD. He has also been a guest host and producer on Higher Ed Live.

Thursday, June 27 at 12:00 p.m. EDT / 11:00 a.m. CDT

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Attendance is free; registration required.

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