Don’t Let Your Website Block Your Student Recruitment Efforts
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Don’t Let Your Website Block Your Student Recruitment Efforts

Sep 07, 2017By Bianca Tomlin

Does your website support — or hinder — your student recruitment?

Recruiting for the Class of 2022 is well underway. And your site must guide prospects through the customer journey.

This stage in the prospective student journey is when students move from understanding and exploring what your institution has to offer to narrowing their choices and applying. They’re asking questions such as:

  • When should I visit campus?”
  • What’s the right balance of size, cost, and location?”
  • What are the dorms and dining halls like? Is there a virtual tour?”

Providing a great user experience and highly relevant content to prospects is more important now than at any other stage in their journey. Prospects are feeling everything from excitement and empowerment to frustration and apprehension. Your website is one of their most trusted resources.

Now is the time to showcase your academic offerings, demystify the admissions process, and begin to build a case for value and affordability.

mStoner’s site checkup will give you a road map toward:

  • Short-term opportunities to improve your site’s most marketing-critical pages
  • Improved user experience that will result in: 
    • More time spent on your site and increased page views per session
    • Increased conversions on key calls to action: requesting information, visiting campus, and applying

In less than four weeks, your team will receive objective feedback and actionable information for improving your site immediately and identifying priorities for long-term development.

Interested in learning more? Submit the form below or email Mallory Willsea, director of marketing.

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