Higher ed professionals must always hone their craft. But keeping up to date on the trends, skills, and technology changes in the industry — when change is happening rapidly — is challenging.

mStoner's ebooks will set your team up for success and keep you in lock step with changes and tips in higher ed marketing, communications, web, technology, content strategy, and more!


Five Types of Essential Content for Transfer Students

Is your transfer website meeting your transfer students’ needs? As marketers and web designers, you know how important it is to get into the mindsets of your audiences. Transfer students are often an overlooked audience in higher ed —rarely do they get specific content that addresses their needs and concerns. In this ebook you'll find five types of content and examples of each which you can apply to your transfer student web pages to create a better transfer experience for students and advisors alike.


Six Signs It's Time to Give Your Site Some TLC

Remember the last time you redesigned your website? Flash forward to today: You may find yourself facing many of the same challenges you took on in your last relaunch effort. In this download, we identify six signs that indicate it's time to prepare for the next evolution of your institution's web presence.


Five Reasons Why the Universal Homepage Happens

Navigation, a carousel, request information, visit, apply, three news items, three event items, three profiles, a social media aggregator, and a fat footer. We know what you're thinking: That sounds awfully familiar. You might be wondering why this happens. A lot. mStoner identifies five roadblocks to watch out for so you can ensure your next homepage refresh or website redesign goes beyond the universal homepage template.

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Digital Content Planning Guide

Planning for content is crucial to success. After working with clients over the years, we found there are six places where content projects can go awry. Digital content planning can help. Adapted from a recent webinar hosted by GatherContent, mStoner's content strategist shares this printable Digital Content Planning Guide.

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IMC Crash Course

Get ready for a crash course on the five step IMC (integrated marketing communications) process. You'll learn how IMC replaces outdated marketing models and funnels to accelerate revenue by taking a customer-centric approach to goal-aligned marketing and communications activities. This session was originally presented as a 9x5 Round Robin at the American Marketing Association's Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education.

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Redesign Checklist

Knowing that your website needs an overhaul isn’t usually the problem — getting started is. A successful website redesign requires funding, executive-level support, campus wide buy-in, and the meaningful involvement of faculty, staff, and students.

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Six Must-Do's For Your Higher Ed Website

Use these six fundamental goals to evaluate your site design, lead an effective discussion about what you’re trying to accomplish, and keep your next conversation about web design from devolving into a debate about background colors and text size.

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