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Abby McLean

Art Director



Abby McLean has a succinct explanation for exactly what she does in her role as an art director: “I cut through the complex to create simple, yet highly functional and beautiful websites for our clients.”

Abby subscribes to that famous Chicagoan, Mies van der Rohe’s maxim: less is more. With copious white space, clean typography, expansive imagery, and straightforward information design, Abby paints vivid landscapes for our clients and inviting paths for their users’ exploration.

She has been designing websites professionally for almost 20 years. Previously, Abby served a long tenure as a graphic designer at Columbia College Chicago. There, she produced highly acclaimed digital and print projects, including the college’s website redesign. Abby holds a bachelor’s in visual communications from Ohio University and began her design career on a team that designed websites for presidential campaigns and other electoral races. Stripes, bold colors, and simple shapes along the lines of Marimekko define her favorite design elements — and lately, her two young daughters have also inspired her to include a little pink in her life.