• Surf Guitar
• Lake Michigan
• Dieter Rams
• Disney’s Twelve Basic Principles of Animation
• Riding bikes
• Walking with friends
• Salted Carmel Ice Cream
• Gray shirts and clothes that fit
• VSCO cam

Creative success comes from digging in, getting messy, and making stuff.

As a kid in St. Louis, my interest in skateboarding and rock & roll music shaped my work ethic — be resourceful, build community, share. We invented our own fun, designing rock posters and building half-pipes — tearing them down and doing it again.

I have a degree in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin and a post graduate certificate in public interest design from ArcheWorks, a Chicago-based multidisciplinary design school with a social agenda. I found my way to print through the beautifully designed books I was reading in literature class and confirmed my love of all things digital, hands-on, working in the creative services office at Columbia College Chicago.

At mStoner, I lead and mentor our designers while collaborating with strategy and the technology team to build amazing digital products and campaigns for our clients. We focus on great user experiences with positive measurable outcomes — beautiful working design.

On the weekends my wife Amy and I look forward to playing and making art with our two daughters ages 1 and 3. I hope to inspire their creative spirit and love of nature as we explore our beautiful neighborhood of Riverside, designed by the famous American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted.

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