• Chicago Cubs
• English soccer, come on Fulham!
• Live music
• Golf
• Getting outside with my wife and kids, and our dog

In Another Life I…

• Lived in Chicago, in places eerily close to the mStoner office (little did I know).
• Graduated from Miami University with a BS in mathematics and statistics.
• Caddied for ten years at LaGrange Country Club.



Wearing many hats.

The first thing I noticed when I joined mStoner in November 2007 was that people are quick to laugh and have fun. We work hard and are committed to doing great work for our clients, but nobody takes themselves too seriously.

I love working here because I get to wear many different hats. Part of my duties are operational: ensuring our projects and supporting processes are running smoothly and that we are meeting our financial goals. But I also get to consult on a lot of our client projects as a project manager or technical lead. I particularly enjoy the relationships where we provide ongoing maintenance and enhancements to a website/content management system. Wearing many hats also means I sometimes run to the recycling center or grab an old desk out of my basement to support our growing St. Louis office.

Over my career, I’ve worked in software development leadership roles in consulting, start-up, and corporate environments. Prior to joining mStoner, I spent seven years at CNA Insurance in Chicago as director of application development. At CNA, I led a group of 50 employees and participated in large-scale projects that helped transform the organization.

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