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Virtual Conference Series (Premium Content)

Hollywood to Higher Ed 

Stories have the power to inspire, educate, and build a devoted audience. And if anyone’s figured out storytelling, it’s the entertainment industry. Marketing these stories is the key to success. And to be successful, industry marketers take risks and innovate, using the latest marketing tactics, digital and social channels.

After hearing from speakers on topics such as video and influencer marketing, augmented reality, and brand storytelling, you and your team will be inspired to approach your college or university marketing in new ways. Register Now.

Advanced Marketing for Higher Education Websites

Are you seeing the signs that your website needs some TLC? Whether you’re planning for a content refresh, getting buy-in for a full-scale redesign, or executing other high-impact web projects, this conference on advanced website marketing will help you level up for the task.

Get ready to transform the way your institution approaches the web with this nine-part, on-demand course. Register Now.

Digital Marketing for Higher Education

Digital marketing encompasses everything about your institution’s online presence and is essential to your college or university’s marketing and communications strategy. It can help you build brand awareness, promote academic programs, reach prospective students, and tell your institution’s unique story.

Educate your entire team in the latest digital marketing strategies and trends with this six-part, on-demand course. Register Now.

Digital Storytelling for Higher Education 

This eight-part, on-demand course is designed to help your marketers, writers, and content strategists expand their storytelling skills. Upon completion, you’ll have concrete tools and tactics for producing, deploying, measuring, and optimizing story content. Register Now.


Cover slide that reads, "Benchmarking Digital Marketing in Higher Education".

Benchmarking Digitial Marketing in Higher Education

In our white paper, Benchmarking Digital Marketing in Higher Education, we explore how colleges and universities organize themselves for digital marketing, who executes the work, how they fund it, and how they use various platforms. According to this research, approximately 80% of higher ed institutions have a budget for digital marketing — but how are they using it, and more importantly, what’s working?


Digital marketing for higher ed: conversion optimization cover slide

Digital Marketing for Higher Ed: Conversion Optimization

In this webinar, mStoner, Siteimprove, and SilverTech team up for a deep dive into digital marketing strategies and tactics that get results. From email marketing to paid advertising, your .edu lies at the heart of your conversion opportunities. How can you ensure your digital marketing efforts are meeting your goals?


Integrating video events into your prospective student recruitment strategy slide deck cover

Integrating Video Events Into Your Prospective Student Recruitment Strategy

In this webinar, mStoner and PlatformQ Education team up to help enrollment marketers get their best return on investment for video events. In 2020, higher education marketers saw increased demand for virtual events — by necessity. During the COVID-19 pandemic, campuses around the world scrambled to virtually host open houses, accepted-students days, and orientation events. As higher ed shifts to a new hybrid model incorporating both virtual and in-person events, are you doing everything you can to reach prospective students with your video content?


Blogging 101 for Higher Ed

Blogging 101 for Higher Ed

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience. It’s an inexpensive way to drive traffic to your .edu, enhance inbound marketing efforts, and attract more prospective students. Whether you have a student blog, a faculty research blog, or are looking to start blogging, you need to know where to start.


How to Create and Sustain a Transfer Student-Centered Web Presence: Part 2

In part two of our transfer student website webinar series with NISTS, the experts answer specific questions about addressing transfer students' needs via your website at both four- and two-year institutions. The topic areas include community colleges, serving multiple user groups, maximizing transfer student content, and quick wins.


How to Create and Sustain a Transfer Student-Centered Web Presence: Part 1

Transferring between institutions can be complicated, so college websites play a crucial role in giving students the information they need to confidently navigate the transition. But what online resources and supports do transfer students need most? And how can we organize them so that the transfer process makes sense from the students’ perspective? Find the answers to these questions in part one of our transfer student website series.


Maximizing Content for Higher Ed

Beautifully executed design is only half the battle of accurately elevating your college or university’s brand online. Design should be paired with quality content to deliver an engaging user experience on your new .edu.
In this hour-long, live webinar, experts from mStoner and GatherContent dive deep into content strategy, the role of governance, and how best to manage your institution's content operations.

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The State of Site Search on Higher Ed Websites

Do you know the best practices for UX and site search on higher ed websites? In this hour-long, live webinar we discuss the key takeaways from this comprehensive report as well as the most common higher ed website pain points. Learn how the University of Nebraska Omaha implemented best practices and hear how they got meaningful results.

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Enrollment Marketing During COVID-19 Panel Series

We gathered eleven enrollment marketing professionals to discuss their new recruitment strategies over the course of three separate panels. Since every institution is different, we did our best to gather enrollment marketers from a diverse set of universities and colleges. Over 1,800 higher education professionals tuned in live for our panel series and many were able to ask questions and take away tangible advice and resources to adapt their enrollment marketing strategies moving forward.

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Enrollment Marketing During COVID-19: Web, Video, and Digital Strategy

mStoner brings together a panel of higher education experts to discuss their web, video, and digital strategies during COVID-19. In this hourlong session, panelists from Boston College, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, PlatformQ, and mStoner will share and discuss enrollment marketing strategies and how they’ve adapted their approach during the times of COVID-19.

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Enrollment Marketing During COVID-19: Community College and Transfer Students

mStoner brings together a panel of higher education experts to have a frank conversation around the challenges of meeting enrollment goals at two-year institutions and with transfer students during these times of social distancing. In this hour-long session, recorded on April 23, panelists share and discuss solutions to the challenges they’re facing as they shift recruitment and enrollment marketing strategies at two-year institutions.

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Enrollment Marketing During COVID-19: Four-Year Institutions

The spread of COVID-19 has left no corner of daily life untouched, and education institutions are among those businesses most disrupted. For an industry already grappling with dropping enrollment and college closures, brand managers and enrollment marketers face a lot of pressure to swiftly navigate these changing times and mitigate risk. In this hour-long session, recorded on April 2, 2020, panelists share and discuss solutions to the challenges they're facing as they shift recruitment and enrollment marketing strategies and activities to digital spaces.

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A Mile in Their Shoes: Building Empathy Through Experience Maps

Experience maps are an effective tool for developing empathy and understanding for your target audience. During this webinar, you’ll learn: the basics of experience mapping, the seven benefits of an experience map, and how it can impact your enrollment and marketing strategy. We’ll showcase examples from institutions that uncovered major process and content gaps as a result of experience mapping, causing them to lose their top applicants.

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Digital Admissions

We teamed up with TargetX to deploy a survey focused on how college-bound teens use digital tools during their search and selection process and what information is most helpful at each stage of the journey.  During this webinar, we'll cover what content is most important to teens, where to focus your digital enrollment marketing strategy, which digital tools have the highest impact, what teens think of your digital ads, and which institutions are doing it best.

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Redesign Done Right

This session covers the six things you need to know to set up your redesign project for success. You’ll learn how to use insights from data to justify a website redesign, and what to do while you’re waiting for budgetary approval. We'll share the top 10 mistakes that institutions usually make, and how to avoid them. And you'll learn how to create a strong RFP (we share a best-in-class example) that great firms will want to respond to. 

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Break Up With Your Homepage, 'Cause I'm Bored

Two rows of navigation, a carousel, three news items, three events, three alumni profiles, a social media aggregator, and a fat footer. Look familiar? Ever hear someone say that you could take the logo off your website and it would look like every other institution out there? If you’re cringing or laughing nervously, this webinar is for you. (Ariana Grande said it best.) During this webinar, we'll arm you with the tools you need to make your next website redesign, starting with your homepage, distinct and compelling.

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Improving the Search Experience in Higher Ed: What's Next?

Recent changes to website search are disrupting the way colleges and universities provide a fundamental website feature that impacts every key audience. During the webinar, we'll review how the website search landscape has changed, discuss opportunities institutions have to use search to improve visitor experiences, examine how a major University tackled replacement of their former search solution, Google Search Appliance, look to the future at how search may unfold for colleges and universities, and much more.

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Map It Out: The Path to Better Digital Engagement with Prospects

No matter the size of your institution, digital enrollment marketing and communications comes with challenges. Wouldn't it be great if there was one tool that could help you navigate said challenges? Enter the experience map. During the webinar, you’ll discover seven ways an experience map can improve web engagement with prospective students.

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Digital Storytelling image

Digital Storytelling 101

People are wired for stories. Digital media allows us to bring life to those stories through words, images, sounds, and moving pictures. Exploring the guiding philosophy, life cycle, and elements of a digital story, this class reviews pace-setting examples drawn from news media, colleges, and universities.

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Mythbusting Enrollment Marketing

Have you ever wondered what prospective teens are thinking when they receive and read — or ignore — your institution's recruitment marketing? In partnership with NRCCUA® (National Research Center for College & University Admissions), the third study in the Mythbusting series is the first to focus on the complete enrollment marketing mix. Learn the best channels for boosting visibility among prospective teen students, and more, in this webinar.

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admissions slide image

Mythbusting Admissions

Discover where prospects and professionals agree, and disagree, on enrollment marketing, messages, and channels. You’ll learn what teens consider to be the top sources of information about colleges and where to focus your time and energy in marketing to this important audience.

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mythbusting slide image

Mythbusting Websites

Looking to become a smarter enrollment or digital marketer? Research shows a significant disconnect between what prospective teens value when they visit your .edu and what higher education marketing and enrollment professionals believe they value. We explore where their perspectives converge — and where they differ — and how marketers can leverage this knowledge.

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faculty and story telling slide image

Storytelling Through Faculty

Faculty members — their research, scholarship, and teaching — offer some of the richest stories for an institution to share. In this webinar, you’ll learn about the use of story to engage mind and heart and the role of technology in managing and measuring that content.

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personalization slide image

Personalization for Higher Ed Websites

Visitors increasingly expect a personalized experience from the website they interact with. This webinar explores personalization opportunities to help elevate your brand experience, increase key conversions, and provide specific content to your different audience segments. We’ll take a practical approach to planning for web personalization and identify the important prerequisites for getting it right.

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Program Pages image

Academic Program Pages

Less is more; the visuals are the narrative; and the moment is what matters most. Are you interested in learning about structuring academic program content to support recruitment goals? Join mStoner’s creative team as they discuss the research and rationale behind Columbia College Chicago’s academic program finder, program pages, and faculty highlight collection.

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Making Your Mark: Unforgettable Branding

You know what you stand for. You feel it in your heart. Now what? We teamed up with Zehno, a strategic branding and marketing firm for educational organizations, to show you how to bring your institution’s brand to life. From smart strategy and bold creative to a beautiful web presence — they use best-practice examples that deliver meaningful results.

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Pitch Perfect: Gaining Internal Buy-In

How do you get your senior leadership to understand and buy into the time and resources necessary for a branding initiative and website redesign done right? During this webinar, you'll learn the tools — the data, the stories, presentation approach and techniques — you'll need to build and deliver a persuasive pitch to your decision-makers.

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Content Planning and Delivery for Higher Ed Websites

Planning, organizing, and maintaining college and university web content is challenging. Competing priorities, resource limitations and siloed departments all have the potential to derail content projects. During the webinar, we'll share practical examples and techniques that you can use to avoid common pitfalls of content delivery for your next project.

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