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White Papers

Benchmarking Digital Advancement

Co-produced with CASE, we conducted a survey of how schools, colleges and universities use various digital tools and techniques in alumni relations, communications, fundraising, and marketing. We focused on how higher ed is adopting various digital tools and integrating them into advancement more broadly. The resulting white paper covers how advancement tools, practices, and attitudes are evolving toward integrated, digitally enabled advancement.


Mythbusting Enrollment Marketing

Have you ever wondered what prospective teens are thinking when they receive and read — or ignore —your institution's recruitment marketing? The third study in the Mythbusting series is the first to focus on the complete enrollment marketing mix. In partnership with NRCCUA® (National Research Center for College & University Admissions), we designed a survey asking prospective teens to share their frank opinions of tactics institutions use to reach and engage them.

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Mythbusting Websites

Research shows significant disconnect between what prospective teens value when they visit your .edu and what higher education marketing and enrollment professionals believe they value. Based on 2016 research conducted by mStoner, Inc. and Chegg, the resulting presentation and white paper explores where perspectives converge — and where they differ — and how marketers can leverage this knowledge. Become a smarter enrollment and digital marketer.

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Mythbusting Admissions

Using data from surveys of teens engaged in the college search and choice process collected by Chegg and data from enrollment professionals collected by mStoner Inc., we explore where the perspectives of these two groups converge — and where they differ. You'll learn where prospects and professionals agree, and disagree, on enrollment marketing, messages, and channels.

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