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#HigherEd Becoming More Sophisticated in Using #SocialMedia


#HigherEd Becoming More Sophisticated in Using #SocialMedia

Mar 20, 2014By Michael Stoner

Handout from presentation of results of survey of Social Media in Advancement  presented at CASE SMC, 19 March 2014.


Instagram and Twitter are up, geosocial is no longer very effective, social media is increasingly essential in higher ed.

These are some of the key initial takeaways from the 2014 Survey of Social Media in Advancement. This is the fifth year we’ve worked with CASE and Huron Education on this survey, and, as in the past, we reported initial results at the CASE Social Media & Community Conference. And again this year, the survey responses reflect the demographics of CASE members overall. (This year’s survey was sent to 61,220 CASE members and had 1,963 responses — a record.)

Each year, we’ve focused on different themes in addition to collecting baseline data. This year, we added questions on how leaders use social media and continued to explore how institutions are using social channels to raise money and to steward donors.

Here are two initial views of this year’s results:

  • A handout of the presentation that Jennifer Mack, senior consultant at Huron Education, and I gave at the CASE Social Media & Community Conference in Marina Del Rey on 19 March 2014. This presentation offers a high-level look at some of the significant findings of the survey. (Here’s a short link: http://mstnr.me/1nH1X2z)
  • A topline report, which offers analysis of the questions and responses. (Here’s a short link: http://mstnr.me/1eWi57c)

We’re still analyzing data, exploring the insights embedded in the (thousands!) of open-ended responses, and looking closely at how things have changed over the past five years. Later this year, we’ll release a white paper with these findings.

If you’re interested in last year’s white paper, #SocialMedia, Advancement, and Fundraising in Education, with six case studies exploring how social media was being used in fundraising, you can download a copy (and you can distribute this short link: mstnr.me/18GBqct).

  • Michael Stoner Co-Founder and Co-Owner Was I born a skeptic or did I become one as I watched the hypestorm gather during the dotcom years, recede, and congeal once more as we come to terms with our online, social, mobile world? Whatever. I'm not much interested in cutting edge but what actually works for real people in the real world. Does that make me a bad person?