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Testing Your Web Project – Part 1 of 3

Many web projects, including most of the ones we work on here at mStoner, have testing as part of the overall scope. In the grand scheme of a website redesign project it’s easy to overlook…

Posted by Kylie Stanley Larson on 4.22.2014

Project Success or Mess? It Could Depend on the Information Architecture

The primary benefits of a well-constructed information architecture are generally understood. A good information architecture creates clear paths for website visitors, makes a site easier to navigate, and enhances the user experience. But this blog…

patrick2013sm Posted by Patrick Powers on 4.17.2014
Paul Smith's College

Buzzr Higher Ed: It Might Be for You

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York, Paul Smith’s College isn’t your typical liberal arts college. Surrounded by the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of the Adirondacks, Paul Smith’s provides…

Susan T. Evans Posted by Susan Evans on 4.16.2014
homepage of Paul Smith's College

[Free Webinar] Buzzr Higher Ed: It Might Be for You

Every institution needs a solid web strategy and a well-organized website with an attractive design. But not every institution needs a fully-customized content management system (CMS) implementation. A fully-customized CMS can come with a relatively large…

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mallory wood marketing manager Posted by Mallory Wood on 4.15.2014

Tag! You’re It: Does Your Higher Ed Brand Need a Tagline?

You’ve done a brand strategy project. You’ve done the research, developed the brand framework. Gotten agreement to move forward with creative development. And now you have to decide…. Are we going to have a tagline?…

Categories: Marketing & Branding
Posted by Deborah Maue on 4.14.2014

Prospective Graduate Students Get Short Shrift

I think that, in general and outside of professional schools, prospective graduate students get short shrift. I think that many people assume that prospective graduate students know at the outset of their search the specific…

Voltaire Santos Miran CEO Posted by Voltaire Santos Miran on 4.10.2014

Register Now: Information Architecture Webinar Series

Broaden your knowledge of information architecture (IA) with mStoner’s two-part IA webinar series: Information Architecture: Journeys and Destinations Wednesday, April 23, at 2:00 p.m. EST / 1:00 p.m. CST Information Architecture: Return Trips Wednesday, April…

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mallory wood marketing manager Posted by Mallory Wood on 4.4.2014
SUNY Content Drawer

Launched! Please Look Under the Hood

On launch day for any mStoner client, the big reveal is the new look and feel of a redesigned .edu website. Capturing the essence of the institutional brand, the new design “feels like us.” But…

Susan T. Evans Posted by Susan Evans on 4.2.2014

College and University April Fools’ Homepages, 2014 Edition

Colleges and universities are notorious for April Fools’ homepage takeovers – pranks, hoaxes, stunts, jests, jokes, and shenanigans displayed right there on the front door of the website. Why not? Humor makes education relatable! Here’s a…

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doug2013 Posted by Doug Gapinski on 4.2.2014
Confab 2013

Communicating Your Brand in the Campus Visit

I believe that branding is 10 percent what you say and 90 percent what you do. We higher ed marketers spend most of our time focusing on brand messaging — the things we communicate on…

Posted by Deborah Maue on 3.31.2014